Welcome to Tutti Violini Inc., a violin shop that has been serving the Greater Toronto Area for nearly seven years. We offer a hand picked collection of fine and rare violins, violas and cellos and their bows, as well as instruments by modern and contemporary makers. Restoration, repairs, bow rehairs, select accessories, and instrument appraisals are among additional available services.

Owned by concert violinist Jaime Weisenblum, Tutti Violini specializes in personal attention in an intimate European styled setting. Understanding that the search for a new instrument can be both exciting and challenging Mr. Weisenblum brings to that search a unique combination of an international performing reputation, coupled with years of expert training at the famous New York violin shops of Rembrandt Wurlitzer, Jacques Français, and Mosa Havivi. Among the makers and other experts that also mentored him are Simone Sacconi, Dario D'Atili, Luis Bellini, Boris Sverdlik, William Salchow and José da Cunha, etc.

These attributes are rare in the violin business. Mr. Weisenblum is able to expertly demonstrate instruments (i.e., violins and violas) for clients. Whereas an instrument sounds different under the ear than at a distance, the client is provided with an opportunity to immediately hear each instrument from the opposite perspective. The same is true when experimenting with bows.

As another consequence of his background, at Tutti Violini one finds only instruments of the highest quality of sound, condition and craftsmanship. All instruments and bows are elevated to the strictest standards and personally maintained by Mr. Weisenblum. Instruments are played and checked for any needed adjustments on a regular basis.

The violin shop is conveniently located in a popular area of mid-town Toronto with plenty of available parking, shopping and fine restaurants.